Footprint Umbria & Marche

by Julius on June 10th, 2009


My new book – now out!

For four months in summer and autumn 2008 I explored the piazzas, museums, bars, Roman remains and cookery schools of Umbria and Marche, in central Italy, photographing and writing a new guidebook for Footprint, which is now available – buy it from this website or any good bookshop. If you are outside the UK and want to buy a copy, you might want to consider the Book Depository, which has good prices and free worldwide postage.

There is a web album of my photos, and I also kept a blog while I was there. I went back for a brief visit in May/June 2009 – there are also photos of that trip.

Click on the thumbnails below for some close-up images of the book, or on the image above for more information, reviews and the chance to purchase a copy.

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