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Catalyst - Human Rights
spirit levelBrave new world?

Gavan Curley looks at the future of equality in Britain

17 September 2007

spotlight.jpgAge, equality and doughnuts

This week, two areas of equality celebrate special birthdays. New Statesman marks the 40th anniversary of Britain's legalisation of homosexuality with special content on international gay politics, the way that gay storylines have disappeared from mainstream TV since the 1990s and cross-dressing's new lease of life.
20 July 2007

riga_gay_pride_02.jpgHomophobic attitudes remain entrenched

A relatively peaceful pride march is overshadowed by conservative views in Riga, the Latvian capital, according to Aleks Tapinsh

05 June 2007

State of Fear - image from Pamela Yates filmTruth and reconciliation

Various truth commissions around the world have been set up to deal with past conflict and social traumas. Some have involved offering immunity from prosecution in exchange for a frank and open account; others attribute blame; all involve at least some sense of a healing process. Julius Honnor looks at some.

01 June 2007

cat09_10_300.jpgWhy human rights?

Francesca Klug argues for a new approach to equality

15 May 2007

cat09_23_300.jpgMaking common cause

Darren Newman looks at what lies ahead for equality law in Britain

15 May 2007

maple leavesMinding the multicultural gap

zohra moosa looks at whether Canadian multiculturalism is good for women

16 March 2007

Police at protestRights and wrongs

Julius Honnor looks at the historical and philosophical background to today's concept of human rights, and some of the criticism of it as a system of ethics.

15 December 2006

plastic figures on a bookThe right to a good society?

Nick Johnson, Director of Policy and Public Sector at the Commission for Racial Equality, responds to Geoffrey Bindman's article about the law, human rights and the new Commission on Equality and Human Rights.

27 October 2006

cat3_maximum_respect_300.jpgMaximum respect

Michael Neumann attacks the West’s culture of piety

17 May 2006