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Catalyst - Christianity
madonna_200.jpgA narrow church

Francis Beckett worries about a tribunal ruling in Scotland that may give new powers to the church in the hiring and firing of teachers

19 January 2007

books booksAll God's Children?

Biljana Stavrova reports from Skopje that the Macedonian government is pushing a plan to bring religion into schools, while opponents ask some difficult questions

19 January 2007

cat07_11.jpgSymbol or Stigma?

Stephen McKinney considers the place of Catholic schools in Scotland

15 January 2007

On ReligionFanatic disbelief

Joshua Hergesheimer reviews the play On Religion by Mick Gordon and AC Grayling

08 December 2006

cat06_28.jpgA storm still brewing

Stephen Bates looks at the divisions in the Anglican church

20 November 2006

The rise of religion - illustration by Sarah WatersThe rise of religion

Alex Klaushofer looks at faith groups' involvement in public services and looks at the balancing of religious and secular values

22 September 2006

school signFaith schools in Britain

Faith schools are long-established in Britain, the overwhelming majority being controlled by Christian denominations. But newer private faith schools set up by Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus have raised eyebrows. Some claim they deny pupils the opportunity to mix with those who hold different beliefs.
03 March 2006

classroom with crossItaly - education and religion

Julius Honnor looks at the crossover of religion into the state education system in Italy.
01 March 2006